October 26, 2020

RelyOn Nutec streamlines its Risk Management and Governance

Using RISMA’s software platform, the security company RelyOn Nutec streamlines its risk management and improves its control environment.

Due to its work with delivering safety and survival training for over 10,000 customers annually from 33 locations on five continents, the organizational life of RelyOn Nutec consists of a complex collection of risk management tasks.

Initially, the service company chose to handle these tasks through a series of manual processes and spreadsheets. But the company realized that the approach was not ideal for their risk work.

“For us, as a global company, it is extremely important to constantly maintain a full overview of our efforts, so that we can be sure that tasks do not fall through the cracks. However, it was a big challenge for us, as we did not really have a transparent system where we could handle our processes, risks, and controls. This left us with unnecessary duplication of work, as it was sometimes difficult to keep track of developments and ensure a good flow of information across national borders,” says Christian Uhrenholt, Group Finance Director.

A solution that embraces everything

To make their risk work more effective, RelyOn Nutec initiated a process to find a solution that embraced their situation better. They wanted to benefit from the opportunities that exist when an organization chooses a system to handle its Risk Management and Governance.

“We looked at different solutions. However, we concluded that RISMA was more mature than other providers and could better accommodate what we needed. With their platform, we can link between the different parts and units. We can define processes and risks, identify gaps, and set up mitigating actions - all in the same system.

The platform makes it much easier for us to keep track of it all and identify what the next step in the process is. This way, all relevant factors are included in our work with Risk Management and Governance”, Christian Uhrenholt continues.

Perfect across cultures and time zones

One of the things that RelyOn Nutec emphasized in a new solution was that it could be used anywhere in the world - from Denmark, Brazil and Canada to Nigeria, the US and Thailand. Employees must not be impeded in their use due to cultural differences.

“With many organizational units around the world, it is important that our systems work across cultures and time zones. Not everyone has the same experience with online tools. Our systems must, therefore, be intuitive. We experience that RISMA's software is that. The whole solution is put together well. Our employees are easily guided through the process and learn what we expect from them. The traffic light system, in particular, is an ingenious functionality for us, as it is a universal symbol.”

No bottlenecks and exceeded deadlines

According to Christian Uhrenholt, RelyOn Nutec has made great progress by switching to RISMA, as they can better maintain an overview and have more control over work tasks.

“For example, by gathering all our controls in one system, we can manage our control environment better and ensure that everyone involved has the information needed to complete their tasks. This way, we can avoid bottleneck problems and exceeded deadlines since we will not have employees waiting because they don’t know how to handle a specific control.”

In particular, RISMA's customizable questionnaires have been a huge benefit to the organization. It has strengthened RelyOn Nutec's ability to gather information, document, and further develop their workflow.

“By adapting the questionnaires to our needs, it has been possible to incorporate them into the mapping process of our risk landscape. This does not only helps to ensure transparency, but also that management has updated knowledge when decisions have to be made about best practices.

Cooperation worldwide has become more functional, as information, learning, and knowledge flow more freely between the various units. It has given us value in everyday life, as we know where we need to put in the effort in order to optimize, as well as identify and share best practice across the organization.” - Christian Uhrenholt concludes.