Build-it-yourself solution

If the solution does not exist
- build it yourself


Your very own compliance solution

Not all compliance needs can be met by pre-existing solutions. Organizations, regardless of their size, industry, and complexity, are subject to a vast number of rules and regulations - both internal and external. Some of them are more straightforward to handle while others demand more work and reflection to ensure compliance. But common for them all is that they contribute to the complexity of the compliance situation and create new and special needs for the organization.
  1. Get access to our template, which is built on our straightforward compliance logic.
  2. Get help and be guided throughout the drafting process.
  3. Get started and get an overview of your compliance work.
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GDPR_Compliance Software

Build a compliance solution that meets your needs

We have created a flexiblebuild-it-yourself solution for our platform which ensures that you do notcompromise your compliance work by shaping it according to a setup that is notthe right match. Instead, you can incorporate the premises on which you wantyour compliance work to be based – and, thereby, take your compliance to thenext level. This build-it-yourself solution is based on the samestraightforward logic as our other solutions. Meaning, users are stillsystematically helped to identify risks and guided through the necessary stepsto ensure compliance.
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