Mitigate gaps and establish your CCPA compliance position

The California Consumer Privacy Act – better known as CCPA – enhances consumer protection and privacy rights of residents in California, US. For companies, the bill means extensive work to ensure that all processes and data management are compliant.

Our CCPA solution can help simplify your work with CCPA and give you a comprehensive picture of all data held within the company by structuring it within one single platform. This will make it easier for you to ensure consistent documentation, while at the same time making your ability to act more efficiently when consumers exercise their right to gain information or be deleted.

Our solution's systematic approach and straight forward logic helps your organization to identify gaps and guides you to compliance by translating all legal requirements into practical tasks and assignments. This provides you with the best circumstances to collect all the relevant information to enable remediation activities and establish your compliance position.
Developed with leading independent legal CCPA and data privacy experts in the US
Thorough and comprehensive solution ensures compliance with legal requirements
Discover, track and manage information as well as inquiries on data collected, disclosed and sold
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Integrate changes into you daily work with CCPA compliance

We have teamed up with external legal experts and jointly built a solution that translates the CCPA requirements into practical tasks and assignments across your organization. Our solution ensures the expert knowledge and analysis stays with your organization and becomes part of your culture – thereby making it easier to integrate changes into your day-to-day operations.

Governance is an integrated part of our CCPA solution, which ensures continuous compliance.  You can set up and monitor your controls, making sure that no task is forgotten. Status of all you control will always be at your disposal when you need to analyze and make well-informed decisions. Concurrently, you can extract relevant reports on your efforts with CCPA and communicate an overview of your CCPA efforts to stakeholders and authorities.
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