General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR Compliance

Implement and maintain your GDPR Compliance by placing it in the bigger picture.

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Make GDPR compliance a team process

Our GDPR-solution helps to provide insight into your organization’s structure from a personal data perspective. This will make it easier to illustrate the data management in all of your processes, as well as what your responsibilities are in relation to these.

Our GDPR solution is built to help cooperation across your organization. Its intuitive interface ensures that all levels of your organization can easily be involved – no matter their knowledge of GDPR. This provides you with the best circumstances for ensuring consistent documentation and compliance to the personal data regulation.  
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Developed in collaboration with our GDPR-expert knowledge partners
Checkmark - compliance solutionCheckmark - compliance solutionCheckmark - compliance solutionCheckmark - compliance solutionCheckmark - compliance solution
Article 30 documentation at your fingertips
Involve all levels of the organization – regardless of their GDPR knowledge
Monitor necessary controls
Prepare an ISAE 3000 report for an auditor's statement.
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GDPR Compliance Software

Always up to date with the GDPR requirements

In collaboration with our GDPR-expert knowledge partners, we have created a solution that makes working with GDPR much simpler. It does it by translating the legal requirements into practical tasks and simple procedures. These are also constantly updated to reflect current legislation.

Governance is an integrated part of our GDPR solution, which ensures continuous compliance. This way, you can set up and monitor your controls, and in addition to this, you can at any time extract relevant reports on your efforts with GDPR. Thus, you can always document your work to relevant stakeholders – and easily extract the Article 30 report for the DPA (Data Protection Agency).

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ISAE 3000 Report
Prepare for an auditor's statement

Due to the increasing demands of the market, data processors are experiencing greater demands for an ISAE 3000 declaration as documentation of compliance with GDPR. Through our ISAE 3000 solution, you receive assistance to obtain the necessary documentation according to the auditing standard and helps your organization show credibility and gives security to important customers and stakeholders.

The solution is based on the Danish Auditors' Statement of Assurance which has been prepared in collaboration with the Danish Data Protection Agency. You will be guided through relevant aspects of the data processing agreement and the data process, including processing security. You get more control of your data as well as an automatic indication of the level of compliance in your organization. Preparing mitigating activities to raise this level of compliance will get easier. Thus, the solution will not only help to ensure compliance but also can be used as a form of self-assessment, making it easy to facilitate a maturation process of the organisation.