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Controls, annual wheels, and operational compliance – Governance

Get help to automate, report, and document your controls across the organization in a one-stop solution

One governance solution for all your controls

Are you looking for a solution that can help your organization handle financial controls, organizational controls, or maybe GDPR-related controls?

With RISMA's governance solution, you get a tool that helps you set up annual wheels for activities that ensure the success of your strategy. No matter what kind of annual wheel and control you wish to set up, document, and report on, you get a governance solution that only requires minimal customization to your needs.

Therefore, your control environment will only contain the type of controls you need. This also means that you can combine all the organization’s governance efforts in one solution.
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Compliance is worth nothing without governance

We have developed a GRC platform where you can combine your governance, risk management, and compliance efforts.

How are the three areas so connected?

You need to see governance as a series of activities and tasks that help you document that you are compliant with the specific requirement and demands. At the same time, the management ensures that you maintain and control your compliance efforts going forward.

In addition, you can integrate your risk management into the same solution and set up controls for all your risk management.

Thus, everyone involved only needs to know one system, and everything is documented identically across the different areas while, at the same time, efficiency increases.

Vores GDPR-løsning - kort fortalt

I samarbejde med Plesner Advokatpartnerselskabs persondatateam har vi udviklet en GDPR-løsning, som kan hjælpe din organisation med at efterleve databeskyttelsesreglerne.

Kort fortalt er vores GDPR-løsning opbygget på en måde, der sikrer, at I kan efterleve GDPR ved at guide jer til at udføre en række praktiske opgaver. Eksempelvis ved at indsamle konkrete oplysninger og implementere specifikke procedurer.

GDPR-løsningen sikrer jer desuden et fuldt overblik over alle medarbejderes håndtering af GDPR på tværs af afdelinger og lande.
Plesner_RISMA systems_GDPR Solution
Testimonials for RISMAs complianceløsning
RISMA's solution has made our control work much more tangible. By gathering all our controls into one system, we can manage our control environment better and ensure that everyone involved has the information needed to complete their tasks.This way, we can avoid bottleneck problems and exceeded deadlines since we will not have employees waiting because they don’t know how to handle a specific control.
Christian Uhrenholt
Group Finance Director in  Relyon Nutec

Well-known challenges with the control work

As a department manager, you must perform many controls, and as you are probably aware of, errors occurring from lack of control can have massive consequences.

However, it can be challenging getting a full overview in order to avoid such errors. At the same time, it takes a high level of trust towards your coworkers when working with controls in Excel or Outlook. Doubt can quickly arise because you don't know how far the organization has come with your controls due to a lack of transparency.

In addition, you probably also know that using Excel to document your controls can be a challenge.

With RISMA's solution, you get system supported governance that systematizes and automates your controls, ensuring that you can minimize the risk of errors and feel safe that your control work is on track.

You always have a full overview and up to date with the status of controls within the organization.
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Get a customed control solution

We have templates that accommodate all types of controls. Thus, you can customize your controls to match everything you want documented.

For example, it could be:
  1. Annual wheels for activities
  2. Financial controls
  3. GDPR controls
  4. Organizational controls
  5. Department controls
  6. Control of data processors
  7. Business process controls
  8. Supplier controls

What our controls solution can help you with

Here, you have an overview of many of the features of our control solution. These can help and guide your company to perform your many controls, ensuring that you can maintain your compliance efforts.

Work smarter

Work with your governance tasks in a more smart and simple way with the help of a clear control catalog.
Create transparency across the different departments
Create annual wheels with automated controls
Help employees to save time and resources
Checkmark - compliance solutionCheckmark - compliance solutionCheckmark - compliance solution

Get the complete overview

Ensure transparency of what has been done and what has not been done. It will help you get a full overview of all the controls and ensure that no control is ever forgotten.
Make decisions based on an informed basis
Identify pitfalls at low performance
Get customized visual reports
Checkmark - compliance solutionCheckmark - compliance solutionCheckmark - compliance solution

Systematize controls

Systematize your controls, making it easier to maintain the desired level of compliance and document your compliance goals.
See progress and keep control deadlines
Get email notifications regarding your controls
Generate documentation for audits
Checkmark - compliance solutionCheckmark - compliance solutionCheckmark - compliance solution

Teamwork across of departments

Ensure that all relevant employees across the organization are assigned their own controls and are able to handle or approve them.
Create a clear division of responsibilities
Set up a knowledge sharing process
Avoid bottlenecks
Checkmark - compliance solutionCheckmark - compliance solutionCheckmark - compliance solution

The features of our governance solution

Here, you have an overview of many of the features in our governance solution. These help you incorporate your controls in an annual wheel so you can maintain your compliance efforts.

Be in control of the annual wheel


You can automate your controls by incorporating them in an annual wheel, assigning roles, and choosing a frequency for how often you need to complete them.


Customize your controls with the content you want to collect in order to match the different control areas.


Document the work performance of the individual controls on both the control owner level and on the company level

Clear ownership


Manage who has the different responsibilities connected to the control and the potential changes made to the different responsibilities.


Escalate a control from one level of responsibility to the next in order for it to be assessed and approved.


Create visibility and transparency of which tasks the individual employees and departments complete and how far they are in the automatic workflow.

Visualize effort


Tailor your targeted reports to how much content and data you want to gather on the different levels.


Get structured documentation and reporting through clear dashboards which makes it easier for you to get an overview and take stock of the conditions.


You get documentation of your on-going efforts that you can save, so it is easy to find and present to internal auditors or external supervision.

Go into details


By the help of the different user levels and access restrictions, you can keep controls separate and independent of each other.


With descriptions on the individual controls, you ensure that your colleagues have the necessary knowledge to handle the control.


Individual controls are always logged with the date and time of when last completed. This gives you proof of whether they have been in a timely manner.
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A stand-alone solution or a One-stop GRC platform

Our GRC platform is a cloud-based solution, making it is easy for everyone in the organization to log in and work within it.

You can choose to invest in our control solution as a stand-alone solution to, for example, lift the work on your financial controls. Or invest in a one-stop GRC platform where you can combine all your governance, risk management and compliance efforts, making it possible for you to system-support all your business-critical processes.

In all our GRC solutions, it is possible to do a full data migration of your existing annual wheels and controls. This means that you can, for example, migrate your existing control catalog from Excel or another solution and quickly start working smarter with your controls.
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Governance step by step - based on the PDCA management method

Plan - plan for improvement: In step one, we help you identify and place your many controls in the system. You only have to set up your controls the first time. Afterwards, they will automatically be sent to relevant employees who have to manage or approve them.
Do – complete your controls: In step two, relevant employees, and managers, oversee or approve the controls which they will be notified about through emails. This will happen automatically, ensuring that no task will fall through the cracks. In addition, you can make sure that if a very important task is not done on time, it can be forwarded to other employees.
Check - learn from the output and correct: As the controls are completed, it is possible to escalate them to the 2nd line control level where other colleagues approve them or take samples. In the 3rd line control level, either internal or external auditors check that the samples are in order.
Act - Set up improvements: In the final step of the process, you continuously adjust the individual controls. This will ensure systematic follow-up and streamline your governance work.
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Implementation of the governance solution

Our governance solution has an intuitive user interface and is easy to work with. However, it may help to ensure optimal implementation in the organization.
To get the best possible start, our Customer Success team is ready to help you get started with a well-organized process. They know what best practice is and what it takes to streamline the process across the organization. They will also continuously support you and be available so that you get the most value out of your solution.
GDPR-compliancesoftware_Implemntering_RISMA Systems

Any questions?

There exist several solutions for managing controls, and before choosing software for your organization, you probably have many questions.

Here are some answers to questions we are often asked. If you are still missing answers to your questions, we are always happy to help.
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How many controls levels should we have?

How many control levels should we have?

  • Line control – the ones completion the controls
  • Random checks - those who take samples and check if the controls have been completed
  • Internal/external auditors - those who make sure that random checks have been made.

What will happen when key employees change their job?

Unfortunately, it happens that you have to say goodbye to one of your key employees. When that happens, RISMA will move all tasks to the new employee. The controls and its descriptions will help the new employee get started on the tasks

Can auditors access relevant parts of RISMA’s software?

Yes, they can. You only have to grant access to a specific task to the auditors'. Then they will be able to extract the documentation, they need.

Can I enter confidential information into RISMA’s software?

Differentiated user access ensures that you have full control of what content the individual users can see and manage. This allows you to set up the governance solution so that only a few employees have access to confidential information.


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