Effortlessly automate document and report all your controls

Eliminate manual and time-consuming audit and control procedures so you can drive more compliance with less effort

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Stay ahead and up to date with your controls

Manually keeping track of controls across excel sheets and different communication channels increases the possibility of errors.

RISMA controls helps you minimize your risk of errors by systematizing and automatizing your controls so they get done correctly, on time and with less manual work.

Easy Overview

Maintain a clear view of everything. Generate robust graphical views and dashboards. Store & share your queries. Analyze without limits. And let your data speak for itself.

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Make decisions on an informed basis
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 Identify pitfalls at low performance
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 Get customized visual reports

Audit trails – the who, what & when

Audit trails allow you to track and manage the who, what, and when of all activities. This provides you with the data needed to analyze and improve processes.

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Create transparency across different departments
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Create annual wheels with automated controls
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Help employees save time and resources

Automated Workflows

Lean back and relax. All tasks and deadlines are fully managed by the platform once set-up. Personalized tasks are created and assigned to colleagues based on their roles and responsibilities.

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Create a clear division of responsibilities 
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Set up a knowledge sharing process
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Avoid bottlenecks

Eliminate manual processes and work-arounds for greater overview and efficiency

All your needs in a seamless solution

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More awesome features to maintain your compliance efforts

You can automate your controls by incorporating them in an annual wheel, assigning roles, and choosing a frequency for how often you need to complete them.
Customize your controls with the content you want to collect in order to match the different control areas.
Document the work performance of the individual controls on both the control owner level and on the company level.
Manage who has the different responsibilities connected to the control and the potential changes made to the different responsibilities.
Escalate a control from one level of responsibility to the next in order for it to be assessed and approved
Create visibility and transparency of which tasks the individual employees and departments complete and how far they are in the automatic workflow.
With the help of the different user levels and access restrictions, you can keep controls separate and independent of each other.
With descriptions on the individual controls, you ensure that your colleagues have the necessary knowledge to handle the control
Individual controls are always logged with the date and time of when last completed. This gives you proof of whether they have been completed in a timely manner.

One solution for all types of controls

No matter what kind of annual wheel and control you wish to set up, document, and report on, you get a governance solution that only requires minimal customization to your needs.

Custom control solutions

Annual wheels for activities
Financial controls
Organizational controls
Control of data processors
GDPR controls
Department controls
Business process controls
Supplier controls

Governance step by step - based on the PDCA management method

Plan - Plan for improvement

In step one, we help you identify and place your many controls in the system. You only have to set up your controls the first time. Afterwards, they will automatically be sent to relevant employees who have to manage or approve them.

Do – complete your controls

In step two, relevant employees, and managers, oversee or approve the controls which they will be notified about through emails. This will happen automatically, ensuring that no task will fall through the cracks. In addition, you can make sure that if a very important task is not done on time, it can be forwarded to other employees.

Check - learn from the output and correct

As the controls are completed, it is possible to escalate them to the 2nd line control level where other colleagues approve them or take samples. In the 3rd line control level, either internal or external auditors check that the samples are in order.

Act - Set up improvements

In the final step of the process, you continuously adjust the individual controls. This will ensure systematic follow-up and streamline your governance work.

Seamless Implementation, Powerful Results

We set you up for success from the beginning. Our Customer Success team will be your trusted advisor throughout the whole process to ensure that the implementation is seamless and results are outstanding.

We believe every organization is unique and therefor every solution we provide must be as unique.  

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A GRC Platform To Bring The Organization Together

Power your organisation by connecting data, teams, action and reporting in an integrated GRC platform.  

Whether you deploy one, two, or all our solutions, RISMA GRC platform provides great value by boosting collaboration, increasing visibility, and saving time for everyone involved.

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GDPR Compliance Unified

Manage compliance frameworks, controls, risks, policies, and reporting in one integrated solution.



Define, assess, analyze and mitigate your organization’s risks and turn your insight into strategic assets.



Systematize your information security and achieve full ISMS compliance – including visual overview, real-time mentoring, built-in risk assessment and seamless reporting



How many controls levels should we have?

How many control levels should we have?

  • Line control – the ones completion the controls
  • Random checks - those who take samples and check if the controls have been completed
  • Internal/external auditors - those who make sure that random checks have been made.

Can I enter confidential information into RISMA’s software?

Differentiated user access ensures that you have full control of what content the individual users can see and manage. This allows you to set up the governance solution so that only relevant employees have access to confidential information.

What will happen when key employees change their job?

Unfortunately, it happens that you have to say goodbye to one of your key employees. When that happens, RISMA will move all tasks to the new employee. The controls and its descriptions will help the new employee get started on the tasks.

Can auditors access relevant parts of RISMA’s software?

Yes, they can. You only have to grant access to a specific task to the auditors'. Then they will be able to extract the documentation they need.