May 13, 2019

THYGESEN HEALTH secures clients personal information

Client and patient data are handled in accordance to the personal data regulations. With RISMA's solution for GDPR, THYGESEN HEALTH has been guided to create processes ensuring that they live up to the requirements of the regulation.

“Health examinations and health dialogue is generally speaking a matter of trust. That is why it is of great importance that our clients feel that they can safely let us treat their data and trust us to follow the GDPR”, says doctor Jens Thygesen from THYGESEN HEALTH.

Overview of personal data

“With RISMA's solution for GDPR we have gained an overview over where we keep sensitive personal data, made an effective sorting and cleaning, and at the same time documented all processes”, he points out.

The health sector has a constant focus on sensitive personal data and how it is processed. This focus has not lessened with the EU GDPR. All individuals can now request insight into what a company has stored of information about them, and as a company you need to know how to handle these requests – or it might trigger large fines.

A simple process

“We treat several hundred clients annually, and we share information with for instance dietitians, personal trainers and nutritional counsellors”, says Jens Thygesen.

A great deal of information can also come from the clients’ own doctor.

“With RISMA's GDPR solution we have a simple, guided process, where we can ensure that we comply with the many legal aspects”, Jens Thygesen explains.

Already well under way

Personal data can be stowed in many unlikely places. RISMA's GDPR solution is in its essence an IT tool which guides a company through all the steps of becoming fully compliant with the personal data regulations. THYGESEN HEALTH have come a long way in the relatively short period they have utilized the tool.

Ready soon

“We have registered every location where we keep personal data in our systems. At the moment we are working on an implementation plan. We use RISMA's GDPR solution to create an overview over where we are, and where we are going. We are not quite compliant yet, but expect to be so in April 2018. We are already well under way”, says Executive Assistant Pernille Hybertz Grassi-Bak.

“It is unbelievable how many places personal data can hide. We have had many realizations and streamlined quite a few processes, plus we have sorted out old client portfolios and patient files. It is reassuring to know that we have everything under control”, she adds.

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