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A.O. Johansen experiences success with an effective approach to sustainability reporting

A.O. Johansen experiences success with an effective approach to sustainability reporting

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The team behind sustainability reporting at A. O. Johansen faced a significant challenge with new requirements for non-financial reporting. 

A.O. Johansen Brothers is a leading wholesaler in the construction industry within plumbing, lighting and other sales of technical installation materials. As a B2B company, they primarily serve tradespeople who shop in their stores and online shops in Denmark and Sweden.

As a sustainability consultant at A.O. Johansen, Emilia Nimpuno Jacobsen and the company's ESG team face significant challenges in connection with the EU's CSRD requirements.

Risma breakers

Collection and consolidation of data on Scope 3 emissions

Emilia emphasizes the company’s challenges due to the limited control over Scope 3 emissions, as they  distribute goods produced by external parties, making it difficult to manage and report on these indirect emissions.

RISMA’s CSRD solution has enabled us to centralize our ESG work documentation and facilitate access to relevant information, saving us time and reducing the risk of errors.

By streamlining the process using the solution, the company can now efficiently collect and consolidate data related to Scope 3 emissions from various sources in the value chain.


Efficient organization and coordination

As in many other companies, the CSRD project involves a wide range of stakeholders and departments, including Finance, Environment and HR. It was therefore crucial for the ESG team to have a tool to effectively coordinate and delegate tasks.

The solution has helped us organize our project, involving many stakeholders and departments. We can easily delegate tasks and keep track of all relevant data points.

Emilia Nimpuno Jacobsen says that the RISMA CSRD solution has helped to handle the challenges of coordination, organization and documentation in connection with CRSD reporting. She is optimistic about the company’s work and documentation for sustainability reporting and looks forward to continuing the positive development.

About Brødrene A & O Johansen:
Brødrene A & O Johansen A/S is a leading construction industry wholesaler. With more than 100 years of experience, 57 stores spread across the country – plus a handful in Sweden – 630 employees and around 60,000 product variants in our central warehouse, we dare say that we are experts in our field.