Governance. Risk. Compliance.

All integrated in one GRC platform turning strategy into action, minimizing risk, and ensuring ongoing regulatory compliance

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Why GRC?

A GRC platform provides an integrated approach that powers the whole organization's performance and competitiveness. Instead of fragmented efforts and approaching issues in isolation, the unification of risk management, governance, and compliance creates a central nervous system, ensuring risk and inefficiency are discovered and treated in the early stages.

ONE organization = ONE overview

Create a unified overview by bringing together what belongs together and enjoy the joint benefits of connecting processes, architecture, risks and controls, allowing total visibility and transparency.

Better strategic decision-making and performance

Fragmented efforts and manual work slow your organization down. Identify and fix inefficient processes. Thereby allocating resources to where they are needed the most.

Proactive risk management

Our GRC platform ensures that things are done the right way: It keeps track of everything happening and raises an alert when things start to go on track or when risks appear.

An All-In-One GRC platform where you can manage, control, and document your governance, risk, and compliance efforts

All your needs in a seamless platform

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Key features of our GRC platform

You can automate your controls by incorporating them in an annual wheel, assigning roles, and choosing a frequency for how often you need to complete them.
DOCUMENT Management
All documents that describe strategy, policies, controls, and reports are stored in a central location with versions and changelogs.
Incident management
When a task or issue arises, people are assigned to address it. Incident management functionality provides an environment for tracking the work done on a case and supporting other forms of collaboration.
Get structured documentation and reporting through clear dashboards which makes it easier for you to get an overview and take stock of the conditions.
Create defined workflows for approvals, incident management, and other tasks that require participation of many people in a series of well-defined steps.
Business model mapping
Visually map your business processes to gain a holistic overview, allowing you to analyze efficiency and determine where and how to implement controls for better business performance.
A tailored Rule engine
Build a tailored rule engine for your organization to determine how to handle incidents, what to do if a control is violated, how to distribute reports, and so on.
Enterprise Reporting
Track the performance of your enterprise and easily report the efforts without manually exporting data, and reformatting the information.
Organizational agility
Increase your organization's agility by establishing a proactive compliance culture.

Developed by leading experts - tailored by customers

Our cutting-edge compliance solutions are exclusively co-developed by leading experts in the field of compliance, risk, and governance.

We have turned their know-how into clear processes that give you the best practice needed to do your job with the security that there are no gaps or loose ties. Everything is based on the best standards.

While the core of our product is co-developed and constantly maintained by experts the functionality of our solutions is tailored by customers to fit their everyday needs to do their job most efficiently.

The fusion of expert know-how, our cutting edge technology, and customer feedback is what makes RISMA an industry leader in the field of GRC.

What customers say

"The solution has helped us create a more tangible compliance work where everyone involved is being guided through the process. At the same time, it is easier for us to create collaboration across the organization, as the legal requirements have been more understandable for everyone in terms of practical tasks and procedures."

Diana Hierbæk
GDPR Coordinator in HOFOR

Bring it all together in a single platform

Compliance is an ever-changing area which can be difficult to keep track of. You may experience an increased number of demands from both external and internal stakeholders about your compliance with the different regulations and standards, as well as your documentation process.

In our software, we ensure that our solutions are always up to date with the latest rules, regulations and standards - they can be general to everyone, industry specific or even company specific.

Our customers can feel safe knowing that we and our knowledge partners have their backs, helping and guiding them towards complying with the applicable regulations and standards, and continuously maintaining their compliance.

Why GRC?

A GRC platform provides an integrated approach that powers the whole organization's performance and competitiveness. Instead of fragmented efforts and approaching issues separately, the unification of risk management, governance, and compliance creates a central nervous system, ensuring risk and inefficiency are discovered and treated in the early stages.


In controls, you can use and manage your controls for annual wheel, ensuring that the ongoing work with compliance is completed and that no tasks are forgotten.



Risk makes it simple to manage and report on the various risks that the risk analysis is based on. Hereby, you can form an overview of your risk landscape, the consequences and the probability.



Compliance helps you manage the overall compliance with laws, regulations and standards. Our solutions are packed with knowledge and content, so you can get started easily and safely.


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Why should I invest in a GRC platform?

Are you currently handling your compliance in Word, Excel, and SharePoint – but considering alternative options to make it simpler and less of a hassle?

Then, do you self a favor and choose a unified GRC Platform instead of isolated areas that need to complement each other. Because, doing so will never really work as you would like it to.

Because, when you invest in a GRC platform, from the get go, you will meet your future needs, as they arise. And after working with hundreds of customers, we believe that the need to be able to handle both governance, risk and compliance in different areas is evolving- it is just a matter of time.

With our platform, you can easily start with just one or two solutions – for instance, GDPR and ISMS – and then add more as you go – maybe corporate governance, APV (Danish Workplace Assessments), or Global Goals.

How long does it take to implement a GRC platform?

To get the best possible start with the GRC platform, our colleagues in the Customer Success team are ready to help your organization get started. You should expect the implementation to take about 4-12 weeks. During those weeks, our consultants will spend about 40-80 hours guiding you through different phases so you can streamline the process and take ownership of your solution.