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Governance, Risk and Compliance - GRC platform

Get a one-stop GRC platform where you can manage, control, and document your governance, risk, and compliance efforts.

A one-stop GRC platform

RISMA has developed a user-friendly GRC platform for companies, organizations, and government institutions, making it possible for you to combine all your governance, risk, and compliance efforts into one software solution.

Does your organization have a strategic goal of increasing revenue, getting a better bottom line, and minimizing risks? A targeted GRC effort may be just what you need.

Compliance is relevant to everyone - thus, also for you and your organization.
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Can you feel the compliance pressure?

You may often feel the pressure from complex requirements from regulations and standards that keep increasing in intensity. At the same time, you may be subject to internal expectations regarding the documentation process and control of new initiatives.

You are probably already trying to joggle everything, as it is expected by the board and demanded by the government.

However, ensuring full support across the organization and getting a complete overview can be difficult, making work with compliance feel like a struggle. Therefore, it is not unusual to be in doubt about whether a comprehensive compliance effort is worth all the hassle.  But you don’t need to be caught in a double bind.

Compliance is an important choice

  1. It will help you handle business-critical processes.
  2. It will provide you a competitive advantage.
  3. It will minimize the risk of fines and damage to reputation.
  4. This ensures a future license to operate.

Business-critical processes must be systematical supported

Imagine a finance department without an ERP system or a sales and marketing department without a CRM solution - that sounds crazy, right? So, why should the same systematical approach not apply to your compliance efforts?

With our complete GRC platform, you become as efficient and streamlined as finance is with ERP, and marketing and sales are with a CRM system.

The platform will, among other things, help you put GRC on the agenda – because failure to ensure compliance with regulations can cause loss of reputation, jeopardize your organization’s entire credibility, and, in the worst-case scenario, cost your organization its license to operate
Testimonials for RISMAs complianceløsning
It did, of course, take us some time to get acquainted with RISMA's solution and the various features - but it was all worth it. The solution has helped us create a more tangible compliance work where everyone involved is being guided through the process. At the same time, it is easier for us to create collaboration across the organization, as the legal requirements have been more understandable for everyone in terms of practical tasks and procedures.
Diana Hierbæk
GDPR Coordinator in Hofor

More of what the GRC platform can help you with

Using RISMA’s GRC Platform, you can combine all your organization’s governance, risk and compliance efforts within one single software solution – for instance, GDPR, ISO Standards, and regulations for financial organizations.

Thus, all employees in the organization will work with the same framework – despite being in different departments and working with different regulations.

This also means that:
Your employees only need to work with one system
Checkmark - compliance solutionCheckmark - compliance solution
The documentation processes from all your compliance efforts will be identical
All reporting will be done in the same manner
Efficiency will increase.
Checkmark - compliance solutionCheckmark - compliance solution
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A strong network of knowledge partners

Our strong network of partners helps us by contributing with relevant knowledge in a vast number of compliance areas.

E.g. the privacy team of Plesner Advokatpartnerselskab has transformed the legal requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation into simple questions, making it more understandable and easier to answer for the everyday user. In addition to that, they have provided content to the GAP analysis tool, the action plans, and the control catalog. Read more about the GDPR solution here.

It will provide the following benefits to your organization:
  1. You will reduce the need for ongoing assistance as the legal knowledge needed is integrated into the software.
  2. You get access to content that is always up to date with the regulations and standards.
  3. You avoid the large extra costs for lawyers and accountants in connection with supervision by authorities or other unexpected documentation requirements.
In other words, with a comprehensive GRC platform, you can ensure fewer costs of expensive legal consultants and lawyers.

A unique compliance solution

Compliance is an ever-changing area of experience which can be difficult to keep track of. You will probably experience an increased number of demands from both external and internal stakeholder about your compliance with the different regulations and standards, and your documentation process.

In our software, we ensure that our solutions are always up to date with the latest rules, regulations and standards - they can be general to everyone, industry specific or even apply to a company.

Thereby, our customer can feel safe knowing that we and our knowledge partners have their backs, helping and guiding them towards complying with the applicable regulations and standards, and continuously maintaining their compliance.

Build your own GRC platform

Our GRC platform consists of unique solutions that can be assembled in numerous ways. Thus, you are guaranteed a platform tailored to your specific needs for governance, risks, and compliance.

You can always add extra GRC areas – or even develop your own solution, using our special template.

RISMA's compliance solutions

Any questions?

Are you unsure whether a GRC Platform is the right choice for you? No worries, we can help figure it out.  

Here, you can see the answers to some of the questions, we are often asked. However, if you cannot find the answers to your questions here, we are always happy to help.

We have been in this market since 2014 and have a good grasp of which opportunities exist to suit the needs of your organization.
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Why should I invest in a GRC platform?

Are you currently handling your compliance in Word, Excel, and SharePoint – but considering alternative options to make it simpler and less of a hassle?

Then, do you self a favor and choose a unified GRC Platform instead of isolated areas that need to complement each other. Because, doing so will never really work as you would like it to.

Because, when you invest in a GRC platform, from the get go, you will meet your future needs, as they arise. And after working with hundreds of customers, we believe that the need to be able to handle both governance, risk and compliance in different areas is evolving- it is just a matter of time.

With our platform, you can easily start with just one or two solutions – for instance, GDPR and ISMS – and then add more as you go – maybe corporate governance, APV (Danish Workplace Assessments), or Global Goals.

How long does it take to implement a GRC platform?

To get the best possible start with the GRC platform, our colleagues in the Customer Success team are ready to help your organization get started. You should expect the implementation to take about 4-12 weeks. During those weeks, our consultants will spend about 40-80 hours guiding you through different phases so you can streamline the process and take ownership of your solution.


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