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General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR Compliance

A GDPR solution that guides you to manage, control and document your GDPR compliance.

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Become GDPR compliant with RISMA's software

RISMA has developed a GRC platform that handles the daily tasks associated with Governance, Risk and Compliance. Thus, the platform helps and guides your organization, so you are more prepared to comply with The General Data Protection Regulation – now, and in the future.

Furthermore, the GRC platform makes it possible for you to document your GDPR compliance with just one single click. This means that your organization with RISMA's GDPR software can now get it all in one single solution. So, by the help of RISMA GDPR software, you can have it all with just one solution.
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In Controls, you can manage and document your controls and ensure that your ongoing work with compliance is completed across the organization and that no tasks are forgotten.
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In Risk, you can prepare your risk assessments correlated with your systems and activities in order to identify vulnerabilities and threats. Hereby, giving you a total overview of your risk landscape.
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In Compliance, you can manage your overall compliance with the data protection regulation - for example, by implementing practical tasks, procedures and policies.

Have you heard this one about the work with GDPR?

  1. Can’t I just focus on my actual work?
  2. It takes too long – and what do we actual gain from it?
  3. We became GDPR compliant in 2018, so we don’t have to look at it now.
  4. The fines are not a threat to us, as we are not the ones they are going after.
  5. It is not our responsibility – the other departments have to look at it.

Are you also struggling with your GDPR compliance?

Being responsible for the GDPR compliance within your organization means that you need to handle and document your compliance with the many regulations and principles in EU and Danish legislations.

You are struggling to control the many processes, procedures, policies, risk assessments and all the other requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation. Perhaps, you are juggling with a large Excel file, word document or multiple IT systems to get an overview – without succeeding.  

Without a doubt, data protection is a big task.

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In short: Our GDPR solution

In collaboration with data protection experts from Plesner Advokatpartnerselskab, we have developed a GDPR solution that can help your organization ensure compliance with data protection regulations.

In short, our GDPR solution is designed to help you become compliant through guidance and a set of practical tasks, you need to do. For instance, gather certain types of information and implement specific procedures. The GDPR solution will also provide you a complete overview of all employees' work with GDPR across the different departments and countries.

In short: Our GDPR solution

In collaboration with data protection experts from Plesner Advokatpartnerselskab, we have developed a GDPR solution that can help your organization ensure compliance with data protection regulations.

In short, our GDPR solution is designed to help you become compliant through guidance and a set of practical tasks, you need to do. For instance, gather certain types of information and implement specific procedures. The GDPR solution will also provide you a complete overview of all employees' work with GDPR across the different departments and countries.
Plesner_RISMA systems_GDPR Solution
It was exactly what we needed. Working with GDPR can be extensive and intricate - however, RISMA's GDPR solution helped us structure the process and make it more simple. The solution is carefully thought out, so I don't have to reinvent the wheel. I “only” need to fill in the framework that comes with the solution. Not only does it make my work more fun, but it also ensures that we constantly have an overview of the GDPR work.
Diana Hierbæk
GDPR Coordinator in Hofor
RISMA is able to turn a rather unwieldy subject with a lot of complex legal aspects into a simple, guided process. It takes you by the hand and facilitates you to complete tasks in a clearly defined order, and after you have gone through this, you are compliant and can document it right down to the smallest details. And going forward, RISMA aids you in staying compliant. It is tangible, concrete and – when all is said – impressively simple.
Dennis Østergaard
I have great respect for Plesner, and they were deeply involved in developing the tool, so this was in fact our guarantee that all the legal aspects were in place. Thus, if we were to take our starting point here, we would become compliant and avoid surprises to as great an extent as possible.
Marianne Bo Krowicki
DPO in Brøndby Municipality

Get help with GDPR

Here is an overview of the many features of our GDPR software that can help and guide you to comply with the principles and rules of data privacy, thereby ensuring full GDPR compliance.

Create an Overview


Through a complete mapping of, among other things, data processors, systems, and data flows, the GDPR software helps you to create an overview of your processing activities.

Gap Analysis

You will be assisted in preparing gap analyses connected to your processing activities, ensuring you detect non-compliance with the regulation. When specific gaps have been identified, you can assess which mitigating actions that need to be made in order to close them.

risk assessment

You receive help to prepare the risk assessment of your processing activities. In order to assess which measures you need to take, it is important to identify every risk involved in all your processing activities.


Supervision of Data Processors

You can audit your data processor, so you can gain insight into whether or not they are capable of supporting your compliance work with GDPR.

Internal Audits

You can conduct internal audits and gain an overview of compliance with rules of GDPR at the operation levels across the entire organization.

Annual wheel with controls

You can plan controls in an annual wheel in order for you to continuously ensure compliance with EU’s General Data protection regulation within the organization.

Ensure Progress

Mitigating actions

You can initiate concrete actions and action plans to ensure closure of identified gaps. You can also follow the progress of ongoing actions.


You can set up controls to secure that closed gaps will remain closed in the future. These will help to ensure your continuous compliance with the GDPR and play an important role in documenting how you comply with the regulation on a daily basis.

Report & Document

You can extract reports of your data processing - also known as Article 30 report. You can use it as documentation of your efforts and show it to owners, the Board of Directors, and the Executive Board and relevant authorities.

Get the Whole Organization Involved

Assigns tasks

You can assign specific tasks to relevant employees, hereby, delegate responsibility of information gathering of data processing to the right people across the organization.

Automate processes

You can automate processes, making it easy for your organization to ensure that delegated tasks are followed up by the individual employees.

create awareness

You can communicate directly with colleagues when, for example, they need to confirm that they have read and understood new updates or tasks.
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GDPR compliance step by step

Business Overview - You will be helped to create a complete overview of your processing activities. The overview will be created based on the information you collect about, like data processors, suppliers, IT systems, implemented policies, processes, and data flows.
Collection of Information - Through a clear and structured questionnaire, you will be assisted in gathering all the necessary information about your processing activities. The GDPR software also enables you to delegate the gathering of information to the right employees of the organization. This ensures that it is the most competent people of the specific areas that provide the input.
Gap Analysis - Based on the information gathering, the GDPR solution helps to prepare partially automatic gap analyses for the various processing activities. The gap analysis helps you to understand where the organization is compliant with the data privacy regulations and where further mitigating actions and controls are needed.
Mitigating Actions and Controls - Based on the gap analyses, the GDPR solution allows you to set up mitigating actions. These ensure that identified gaps are closed so your activities are conducted in accordance with EU General Data Protection Regulation. You also get help to set up controls to secure that closed gaps remain closed in the future.
Documentation - You can easily make reports of your organization's processing activities, data processors and systems, as well as any measures taken in relation to these and data protection in general. For example, DPIA reports and overall reporting on risk assessments for data subjects. The reporting can, among other things, be used as documentation for owners, the Board of Directors, the Executive Board and not least, the Danish Data Protection Agency.
GDPR compliance software_Business overview_RISMA Systems
Step 1: Business Overview
GDPR compliance software_Collection of Information_RISMA Systems
Step 2: Collection of Information
GDPR compliance software_gap analysis_RISMA Systems
Step 3: Gap Analysis
GDPR compliance software_Mitigating Actions and Controls_RISMA Systems
Step 4: Mitigating Actions and Controls
GDPR compliance software_documentation_RISMA Systems
Step 5: Documentation
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Implementation of the GDPR solution

Our GDPR compliance solution is developed with an intuitive user interface, making it is easy to work with. However, as with many other IT solutions, help may be a necessity to ensure optimal implementation in the organization.

It is no secret that a joint effort across the entire organization is a requirement to secure compliance with the GDPR.

To get the best possible start, our Customer Success team is ready to help your organization get started with a well-organized process. You also have the possibility of receiving ongoing support, so you get the most out of using our solution.
GDPR compliance software_Implementation_RISMA Systems
I'm always left with a good feeling after being in contact with RISMA's Customer Success Team. They have great insight into what my organization needs - and they always manage to set up a best practice for our procedures. And every time I have a question, I almost get a reply before I even pressed send on the email. Therefore, I have never felt like I did not get the help that I needed when facing them with some of the challenges or problems, we face.
Diana Hierbæk
GDPR Coordinator in Hofor
It costs time and money to become GDPR compliant. But seen in relation to how much time is saved in-house – time, which our consultants now can spend on customers – by working efficiently with the processes, then we do not see the cost of RISMA's GDPR solution as large. The system has supplied us with good value and will continue to do so going forward, so it has been a very sensible choice for us.
Markus Vickery
Nordisk IT Manager of Geelmuyden Kiese

GDPR Compliance Tool Ensures Integrated Governance

The privacy regulations are dynamic as they mostly follow the technological development of society. Many of them require that you revisit your processes and procedures as your organization grows and develops. Thus, Data protection – and thereby also GDPR compliance – will never be static work.

Our GDPR compliance software will help you set up controls that ensure that all relevant processes and procedures, that need to be looked at regularly, will be revisited.

And when the control has been completed, the GDPR compliance tool will automatically generate a new control with the same parameter and responsibilities:

This means that:
These controls help ensure your organization is continuously compliant with The EU General Data Protection Regulation. At the same time, the controls will have a major impact on the documentation of how you comply with the data protection regulation daily.

Once you have the documentation, you do not have to worry about a fine if your organization is reported for your data processing or if the Danish Data Protection Agency comes knocking.

Read more about your rights and duties when the Danish Data Protection Agency is supervising your organization.

By systematizing our GDPR process, we have streamlined our work greatly. It has become easier to delegate specific tasks and avoid duplication of work in connection with our risk assessments. In particular, the editable questionnaires have been of great benefit to us. We can, at any time, modify them to match the various departments so they only need to answer questions relevant to them.
Diana Hierbæk
GDPR Coordinator in Hofor
...It provides security in the documentation work with GDPR.  It is, of course, a big task, ensuring that the content in RISMA is updated on regular basis, but we find that RISMA makes this affordable because of the flexibility of the tool. Another important reason why we have chosen RISMA's solution is because of the possibility to automate and document the ongoing controls.
Tina Cort Pedersen
Direktionssekretariat, Stab og Kommunikation – Movia

Any questions?

It is no easy task to figure out which software to choose from so you can handle your GDPR compliance.

Here, you can see the answers to some of the questions, we are often asked.

However, if you cannot find the answers to your own questions here, we are always happy to help. We have been in this market since 2014 and have a good grasp of which opportunities exist to suit the needs of your organization.
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How does the GDPR impact my organization?

The GDPR covers a wide range of obligations. Below are just a few of the essential aspects:

  • Your organization must be able to document that all its processing of data is done in a legal manner.
  • Your organization must keep a record of all its processing activities.
  • Your organization must ensure - and be able to document - that people, whose personal data you are processing, have been informed about what you process and how you do it.
  • Your organization must be able to document what technical and organizational measures you have taken to ensure an appropriate level of privacy safety.
  • Your organization should be able to document that data processors are audited to ensure that they support your compliance with the regulation.

How can compliance be a competitive advantage?

By the help of our GDPR software, your organization can comply with the EU General Data Protection regulations. Your organization's compliance with GDPR does not only have an impact on data protection, but also on your understanding of how data flows in the organization

The compliance solution can help you reach every nook of the organization - and may even give you an even better insight into your organization than you already have. Thus, using the GDPR solution can ensure that you comply with the regulation, but also be used to optimize your business

In addition, your GDPR compliance gives your organization a competitive advantage as it shows that you are taking data protection seriously. It can even be used as part of your marketing.

Lastly, compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation makes it easier to obtain different standards such as ISO certifications or certification from IT accountants.


Keeping your compliance knowledge up to date