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A best-in-class ESG-compliance solution helping companies transform their UN Sustainable Development and sustainability goals into action by systemizing the end-to-end process.

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Create An Effective ESG Process

The complex work of tracking data and processes across departments and manually documenting everything in Excel and Word can quickly become an unmanageable affair. It is inefficient and a huge time waster.  

With RISMA's ESG solution, you get help to structure processes and policies so that you can effectively manage and control all ESG initiatives across the organization in an integrated solution.    

The ESG solution makes it easy to set clear goals, track processes and document progress, ensuring the sustainability strategy is turned into action and reality.

Risk management

Define, assess and analyze ESG risks and use your insights to make informed decisions about the company's approach.

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Unify your risk management across the organization.
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Get an overview of the overall risk landscape and plan your efforts
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Set guidelines and delegate risk follow-ups across departments

Streamlined controls and action plans

Reduce manual work by automating recurring controls. Thereby removing inefficiency and risk of errors.

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Structure and manage the progress of your ESG initiatives
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Create annual wheels with automated controls
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Carry out ESG audits of the value chain - scope 2 and 3

Easy documentation and reporting

With quick access to documentation and reports, you get an easy overview, so you know exactly what activities have been carried out, what the status is, and what is missing.

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Easy access to documentation of sustainability factors
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Automate the foundation of your sustainability report
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Document the ESG efforts to relevant stakeholders

Reduce manual processes and achieve greater transparency and efficiency

Everything you need in an ESG solution.

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From strategy to action

Once sustainability and the UN's global goals are placed on the agenda, the strategy must be translated into action and integrated into the organization's value chain, as well as anchored across countries and departments.

RISMA's ESG solution helps to create coherence between all the efforts and areas that the ESG compliance requires.

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RISMA ESG creates coherence

Sustainability reports
Policies and procedures
Goals and commitments
The value chain scope 1, 2 and 3
Delegation and anchoring
Controls and action plans
Ongoing internal and external reporting
Documentation of progress on objectives

The building bricks of the ESG solution

All the evidence and files are submitted to one place, thereby eliminating the mess of information collection and manually logging everything into the master Excel sheet.
Prepare risk assessments in relation to the individual sustainability factors to be able to assess what measures you need to implement.
Get a complete mapping of the organization's work with policies and processes as well as the suppliers used with a glance.
You can conduct reviews of completed controls and gain an overview of whether you are complying with the outsourcing requirements throughout the entire organization.
Audit trails allow you to track and manage the who, what, and when of all activities. This provides you the needed insight to analyze and improve your compliance.
Internal audits give you an overview of the actions you need to take to achieve ESG compliance across the entire organization.
You can assign specific tasks to relevant employees, hereby, delegate responsibility of information gathering of outsourcing arrangements to the right people across the organization.
Know your compliance level and what actions need to be taken in the short and long term based on an extensive GAP analysis.
Policy management
The process library gives you the opportunity to structure your policies and procedures and create awareness about them.

ESG Compliance
Step-by-step Process

Business Auditing

We will assets you to create a complete overview of your processing activities. The overview will be created based on the information you collect about data processors, suppliers, IT systems, implemented policies, processes, and data flows.

Data Collection

Through a clear and structured questionnaire, you will be assisted in gathering all the necessary data about your processing activities. The ESG software also enables you to delegate the gathering of information to the right employees of the organization. This ensures that it is the most competent people of the specific areas that provide the input.


Based on the data collected, the ESG solution helps to prepare partially automatic gap analyses for the various processing activities. The gap analysis helps you to understand where the organization is compliant and where further mitigating actions and controls are needed.

Mitigerende handlinger og kontroller

Based on the prepared gap analyzes, the ESG solution allows you to set up mitigating actions. These are actions that must ensure that identified gaps are closed so that the treatment activities take place in accordance with the defined objectives. They can be carried out through stand-alone initiatives or continuous follow-up inspections.


You can easily pull reports on the organization's policies, suppliers and processes as well as all measures introduced in relation to these. For example, ESG reports in connection with the annual accounts. The reporting can, among other things, be used as documentation to the Board of Directors, the Executive Board and not least the shareholders.

Seamless Implementation

Our ESG compliance solution is developed with an intuitive user interface, making it is easy to work with.    

To get the best possible start, our Customer Success team is ready to help your organization get started with a well-organized process. You also have the possibility of receiving ongoing support, so you get the most out of using our solution.


Let us help you systemize your ESG compliance for greater results.

We help more than +500 mid sized organizations succeed with their compliance initiatives and we would love to help you.

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A GRC Platform To Bring The Organization Together

Power your organization by connecting data, teams, action and reporting in an integrated GRC platform.  

Whether you deploy one, two, or all our solutions, the RISMA GRC platform provides great value by boosting collaboration, increasing visibility, and saving time for everyone involved.

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