Fully address all NIS2 information and data requirements

 NIS2 requires organizations to implement effective security measures and document compliance to protect critical assets and ensure societal continuity.  However, implementing such comprehensive security practices can be complex.
RISMA's NIS2 solution is designed to ease the burden and ensure compliance. Adaptable to your existing security processes in ISO 27001/2, it allows you to focus on your critical processes.

Risk matrix on risks in the supply chain

Mitigate risks in your supply chain

If you currently manage your organization's supply chain data across different Excel sheets, systems, and platforms with various owners, you're likely familiar with the confusion, errors, and data loss it can cause.

Centralize all information about suppliers and business partners in one central location to simplify organization-wide oversight and risk mitigation.

Optimize all security measures

Begin by developing policies and procedures that can be evaluated for relevance, implemented, and measured for effectiveness.

This is crucial for improving the quality and optimizing the implementation of NIS2, ensuring continuous operational reliability

Optimize all security measures
Overview of GAP analysis

Enhanced compliance and audit readiness

By consolidating all relevant information in one place, you can enhance compliance with regulatory requirements and prepare for audits, including supervision by the CSIRT.

This will result in time and resource savings during compliance audits.

Improve the management of risks in your critical infrastructure

Stay ahead of significant events with the help of an effective framework.

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Key functions in our NIS2 solution

Overview of reporting to CSIRT
Organize and establish an overview of reporting significant incidents, and train the organization on the process.
Mapping of critical assets
Create an overview of the various types of critical assets within your value chain and document their security levels.
Critical assets, systems and processes
Conduct risk assessments based on the current threat landscape, the assets' placement within the value chain, and their potential societal consequences.
Compliance control and scope of SoA
Begin with an initial compliance review and then prioritize and scope the Statement of Applicability (SoA) based on NIS2 requirements.
GAP analysis
GAP analysis
Obtain a clear overview of your current compliance level and implementation in relation to the essential control objectives required for NIS2.
Automated processess
Automating control follow-ups and communication with internal stakeholders ensures that all relevant tasks are carried out correctly and on time

A GRC Platform To Bring The Organization Together

Power your organisation by connecting data, teams, action and reporting in an integrated GRC platform.  

Whether you deploy one, two, or all our solutions, RISMA GRC platform provides great value by boosting collaboration, increasing visibility, and saving time for everyone involved.

Operational Tools


Effortlessly automate, document and report all your controls - including assessment, mitigation and monitoring in one simple platform.

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Operational Tools


Define, assess, analyze and mitigate your organization’s risks and turn your insight into strategic assets.

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ISO Standards


Systematize your information security and achieve full ISMS compliance – including visual overview, real-time mentoring, built-in risk assessment and seamless reporting.

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