How to structure the implementation of the CSRD

The new EU directive, the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), will radically change how companies report on their sustainability initiatives. Structuring the implementation of a new and mandatory directive without understanding its full scope can be intimidating and overwhelming, which will only reinforce if relying on Excel spreadsheets to get the job done. 

That's why we at RISMA are excited about launching a new governance and implementation framework that helps guide and structure the implementation process of CSRD throughout organizations. 

At this webinar , you will learn how RISMA's solution can help structure the work of collecting, validating, and implementing qualitative and quantitative ESG data to ensure a compliant CSRD reporting-readiness. Additionally, you will learn how our platform can link your GRC work with the ESG goals of your company. 

Through the webinar, you will learn about the following:  

  • What will the CSRD mean for your company
  • Understand the implementation process you will have to apply to become CSRD compliant 
  •  Learn more about the tech stack you will need to make the task manageable.

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