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One platform for governance, risk management, and compliance

RISMA's GRC platform gives you and your colleagues the overview you need and helps you manage and document your compliance, risk management, and ongoing control work. You are guided through the process and everyone involved only needs to have knowledge of one system, thereby increasing efficiency.
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Gather all GRC efforts in one solution across the organization

Regardless of the industry, there are regulations and standards that you must comply with and document your compliance. For many, it is a comprehensive project. Legislations are complex, and there exist many complex requirements, making it difficult to gain support from the rest of the organization. Compliance will, therefore, not be straightforward. However, RISMA's solution can help you make it simple, so you only need to focus on, exactly, what you are good at.
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Work smarter

When you choose to systematize your governance, risk management, and compliance, your organization will gain many benefits. Here are some of the benefits of working smarter and more efficiently.

Get a full overview

Complianceløsning - få et omfattende overblik

User friendly regardless of individual skills

Complianceløsning - Brugervenlig uanset færdigheder

Save money on legal advice

Complianceløsning - Spar penge på juridisk rådgivning

Make decisions on an informed basis

Complianceløsning -Tag beslutninger på et oplyst grundlag

Save time on demanding tasks

Complianceløsning -Spar tid på krævende opgaver

Document your efforts

Complianceløsning -Dokumentér jeres indsatser

Our clients say

Testimonials for RISMAs complianceløsning
The solution has helped us make compliance work more tangible, guiding everyone through the process. At the same time, it has become easier for us to collaborate across the organization because the legal requirements have been transformed into practical tasks and procedures, making it more understandable for everyone.
Testimonials for RISMAs complianceløsning
With many organizational units around the world, it is important that our systems work across cultures and time zones. Not everyone has the same ballast, so the systems need to be intuitive. We find RISMA's software to be that. The whole solution is very well put together. Our employees are easily guided through the process and learn what is expected of them.
Testimonials for RISMAs complianceløsning
RISMA is able to turn a rather unwieldy subject with a lot of complex legal aspects into a simple, guided process. It takes you by the hand and facilitates you to complete tasks in a clearly defined order, and after you have gone through this, you are compliant and can document it right down to the smallest details..It is tangible, concrete and – when all is said – impressively simple.
Diana Hierbæk
GDPR Coordinator in HOFOR
Christian Uhrenholt
Group Finance Director in Relyon Nutec
Dennis Østergaard

A guided and simple process

Our GRC platform is a software solution that transforms complex legal areas and standards into practical tasks.

Through a guided process, your employees will help achieve the company's compliance goals and manage risks, as well as continuously monitor and maintain your compliance efforts.
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RISMA Systems – Our software. Your compliance.

RISMA is a Danish software company that has developed a one-stop governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) platform which more than 400 customers use today.

The platform helps and guides organizations to manage, control, and document a wide range of compliance areas such as GDPR, ISMS, and outsourcing. We work closely with leading experts who contribute with relevant knowledge in a wide range of compliance areas. It provides the Nordic region's strongest platform with content that is always up to date.
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We are committed to the legal tech industry and an active partner in several different organizations.
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