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GRC is hard. We make it simple.

Handle your Governance, Risk and Compliance within a single platform.

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Governance, risk & Compliance - GRC platform - Synergy
Our software takes a holistic approach to Governance, Risk and Compliance, creating synergy between the three areas and thereby helping you build a compliance culture.
Our GRC platform uses a modular design, making it easy for you to build the solution that fits your exact needs. With a modular design, each Governance, Risk and Compliance solutions are built as separate blocks, which you can combine and structure your own way.

Having all your GRC activities on one platform will make it possible for you to get a full overview & tackle GRC on all fronts. This will help with decision-making and give you the confidence that all risks are handled, and all compliance requirements are met.
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A one-stop GRC software that puts focus on...
Streamline your approach to GRC, creating a consistent way to document all your efforts
Eliminate repetitive and time-consuming task
Involve all levels of your organization no matter their level of technical skills
Get business intelligence that supports effective decision-making
User-friendly platform - Compliance
Time-Saving - Compliance solution
Overview - Compliance solution
Documentation - Compliance solution
Meet our compliance solutions
Our GRC platform provides solutions for a wide range of your compliance processes.
Each of these solutions are created as separate blocks, making it possible to mix and match them to your specific governance, risk and compliance needs. Read more about how our platform works.

Our customers say

To us, RISMA Systems' GDPR solution is a user-friendly tool to help us handle compliance in our personal data protection program. The combination of gap analyses and the possibility of assigning responsibilities for activities and controls ensures that we continuously have an overview of our compliance level and that we can handle any issues that can or must be improved.
Niklas Kejlskov
Juridisk Chef - Newsec A/S
As a public company, it is crucial for Movia to be in control of all our personal data. With RISMA, we get the security we need with a well-developed tool that can meet many documentation requirements in relation to GDPR. We are especially pleased with the clear overview of all our processes and the integrations of different kind of data. The way in which processes, data processors and systems can be interconnected, provides a good and quick overview ...
Tina Cort Pedersen
Direktionssekretariat,  Stab og Kommunikation - Movia
...It provides security in the documentation work with GDPR.  It is, of course, a big task, ensuring that the content in RISMA is updated on regular basis, but we find that RISMA makes this affordable because of the flexibility of the tool. Another important reason why we have chosen RISMA's solution is because of the possibility to automate and document the ongoing controls.
Tina Cort Pedersen
Direktionssekretariat,  Stab og Kommunikation - Movia
It costs time and money to become GDPR compliant. But seen in relation to how much time is saved in-house – time, which our consultants now can spend on customers – by working efficiently with the processes, then we do not see the cost of RISMA's GDPR solution as large. The system has supplied us with good value and will continue to do so going forward, so it has been a very sensible choice for us.
Markus Vickery
Nordic IT Manager of Geelmuyden Kiese
RISMA is able to turn a rather unwieldy subject with a lot of complex legal aspects into a simple, guided process. It takes you by the hand and facilitates you to complete tasks in a clearly defined order, and after you have gone through this, you are compliant and can document it right down to the smallest details. And going forward, RISMA aids you in staying compliant. It is tangible, concrete and – when all is said – impressively simple.
Dennis Østergaard
I have great respect for Plesner, and they were deeply involved in developing the tool, so this was in fact our guarantee that all the legal aspects were in place. Thus, if we were to take our starting point here, we would become compliant and avoid surprises to as great an extent as possible.
Marianne Bo Krowicki
DPO in Brøndby Municipality

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