I marts 2022 lancerede vi GRC Intelligence Center der samler virksomheders GRC-indsigter og KPI’er på tværs af forretningen.
PRODUCT NEWS: GRC Intelligence Center, visualizing GRC data insights

PRODUCT NEWS: GRC Intelligence Center, visualizing GRC data insights

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Product News

In March 2022, we launched a new and exciting feature to provide companies with a complete overview of their GRC status and KPIs across their organizations. 

If you are in charge of governance, risk, and compliance or have a team that manages it daily, then GRC reporting to the management, board, or authorities will most likely be at your table. 

You may already be using a software solution, but when it comes to getting a complete overview of your company's GRC-insights and performance, the task becomes far more complex. This is partly because GRC tasks usually take place across several functions. The extent of the manual work and checklists can be overwhelming and resource-intensive. 

As a solution, we introduced the GRC Intelligence Center on top of all our solutions. You can now get a complete overview of your GRC status and performance across the organization - to make better business decisions based on the same insights, reports, and KPIs. 

Get a complete overview of your GRC-status and performance

The new GRC Intelligence Center will be accessible in all RISMA solutions and will provide customers with the following:

  • Never lose oversight of your risk management or compliance activities. Gain real-time insights into all relevant KPIs across solutions, individuals, and teams.   
  • Build confidence with your customers, board, management, and regulators by establishing strong data governance and status reporting.   
  • Identify your company’s strengths and weaknesses to make better business decisions. Define all relevant KPIs to measure compliance and performance progress. 

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Key functions and benefits

You will get access to the following essential functions: 

GRC IC - Data insights - spiderweb

Data insights – all in one place

  • Access all KPIs across solutions, teams, and departments
  • Get actual insights about pending requests or low compliance levels 
  • Insight’s data are delivered in real-time 

GRC IC - Compliance Score and progression over time

Actual compliance score and progression over time

  • Measure the efforts through custom-defined KPIs. You decide the level of ambition
  • Accumulates historical data from the time of implementation
  • Identify and respond to non-compliance
GRC IC - Data insights

Effective Status Reporting

  • Effective status reporting to the board, management, and authorities
  • Easy separation of reporting to, for instance, management or board
  • Share and compare with internal and external stakeholders