Anti-Money Laundering - AML

Structure your efforts and get actionable insights into your anti-money laundering program.

A simple and focused solution

The Anti-Money Laundering (AML) legislation is a comprehensive set of rules that can be difficult to comply with in a consistent manner. Therefore, there is a need for a controlled and targeted effort to ensure compliance. Our AML solution can help streamline your efforts to make it easier to identify pitfalls and areas of action, and document your mitigating activities and compliance.
Checkmark - compliance solutionCheckmark - compliance solutionCheckmark - compliance solutionCheckmark - compliance solution
Developed in collaboration with our AML-expert knowledge partners
Increase awareness of your anti-money laundering program
Document your anti-money laundering efforts to relevant stakeholders
 Create a good control environment
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Boost the organizational awareness

The solution has been developed in close collaboration with our AML-expert knowledge partners, who work with the Anti-Money Laundering legislation on a daily basis. 

Lack of knowledge about the Anti-Money Laundering legislation will therefore not be an obstacle, as the solution guides you and helps you focus only on the areas that are relevant to your activities. At the same time, the information flow across your organization becomes less complicated, as the solution makes it easy to involve all relevant parties and delegate tasks. This helps strengthen the internal awareness of the Anti-Money Laundering efforts and ensures that everyone involved continuously controls procedures and their individual responsibilities. Thus, you have the best conditions to create a strong control environment for your continuous work ensuring compliance.
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Keeping your compliance knowledge up to date
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