Get control of the process of the Transparency Act reporting

The Norwegian Transparency Act requires reporting and transparency to protect human rights and ensure decent working conditions in companies and their supply chain. As a compliance officer or procurement manager, it may be your responsibility to manage data collection, often in inappropriate systems or Excel sheets.

RISMA’s compliance solution helps to manage the effort to have your company meet the requirements, with all the necessary documentation ready for reporting in compliance with Consumer Agency guidelines


Structure the due diligence process

Your business is led through a structured process that starts with a baseline assessment and a comprehensive analysis of your suppliers and business partners.

The solution includes the Norwegian Consumer Protection Agency guidelines for complying with reporting and information requirements.

Supplier information requests gathered in one place

Centrally gather all information requests to suppliers and business partners to maintain a full overview and ensure consistency in the compliance process.

That way, you avoid errors and data loss that often occur in Excel spreadsheets and other systems.

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Mitigate the risk of human rights violations

Lay a solid foundation for responsible business practices and transparency compliance by integrating all data, controls and processes.

This enables proactive identification and management of risks that protect both your company’s reputation and those affected by its activities and practices.

Stop using a limiting tool like Excel

Switch to efficient supplier collaboration with a structured compliance solution.

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An effective compliance framework 

To efficiently collect and document your supplier data, it is essential that you have a well-structured framework in place. It guides you through the due diligence process and ensures that your company complies with reporting and information requirements.

It also promotes collaboration across various functions, such as legal, finance and purchasing departments, in terms of collecting, validating and implementing relevant data points.

In collaboration with Kvale Advokatfirma, our legal expertise partner for content and guidance in the RISMA solution, you will be guided through all the crucial steps to ensure that your company fulfills due diligence for human rights and decent working conditions throughout the supply chain.

The three obligations under the Norwegian Transparency Act


Due diligence
Due diligence of one's own company, the supply chain and business partners


Report obligation
Publish a due diligence statement


Obligation to inform
Everyone has a right to information from companies

Key features in the Norwegian Transparency Act solution

Overall analysis
Create an overview of ratings by industry, country and products.
Gap baseline assessment
Get a list of all requirements for setting up action plans and controls.
Data collection questionnaires
document and collect relevant data from selected suppliers and business partners
Visualize supplier-level risk with before-and-after analysis to clarify the measures to be taken.
Automation of Processes
Automation of processes and monitoring measures streamlines the due diligence process.
Process Library
A process library collects all documentation for the due diligence reporting in one place.

Developed in collaboration with the legal expertise partner

All content and guidance has been developed in cooperation with Kvale Advokatfirma, a well-established law firm with expertise in legal aspects of corporate obligations within human rights and due diligence.

This means that: 

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You always have access to continuously updated content that reflects the latest legislative changes and additions.

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You will have less need of ongoing assistance, as we have prepared with Kvale detailed help texts to guide you through the entire due diligence process and much more.


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