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Intility Optimize Their Approach to Information Security and GDPR

Intility Optimize Their Approach to Information Security and GDPR

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Alexander Poverud Kjenner is the Senior Legal & Privacy Officer at Intility and works daily with personal data and information security. He and his colleagues manage information security governance and compliance with laws and regulations.

Intility chose to collaborate with RISMA because the solution provides them with the overview and functionality that they have been looking for:

We work in an organization that has focus on complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Finding a complete and flexible solution that could help us document compliance and assess risks in our systems was challenging.

RISMA's solution has been of great help in collecting and systematizing our risk assessments and documenting compliance. It has been of great relief to work with a software provider that makes it easy and systematic to comply with GDPR.

From Excel and SharePoint to RISMA: A Transformation in Working with GDPR and Risk Assessments

Previously, Intility used Excel and SharePoint for compliance, documentation, and matrices.

With RISMA, we have gained better structuring of the work on GDPR compliance and a better overview of our risk assessments. It is also much more enjoyable to work with in this kind of system than in static Excel files.

The results of our work are displayed clearly and provide a good overview. The solution has, among other things, provided us with a comprehensive protocol that is easy to customize according to our needs. The level of detail in our risk assessments is appropriate, and the ability to control access and delegate responsibilities to the right resources in the organization is very useful.


Optimized Approach to Information Security and Controls

As a growing company, Intility needed a solution that could adapt to a constantly changing IT infrastructure and security requirements. RISMAS's platform helps Intility with a scalable and flexible solution to manage information security while streamlining work processes and work efforts.

I find that RISMA has transformed the way we approach information security and controls. The platform’s functionality to allocate tasks and collaborate with colleagues throughout the organization has definitely contributed positively to our daily operations.

With RISMA's platform, Intility has gained a better oversight of its GDPR and compliance work and can more easily connect various controls and measures to the different systems in the company's IT infrastructure to maintain a high level of information security and document GDPR compliance and other regulations.

About Intility:

Intility is a platform service used by more than 600 companies across 2500 locations in Norway and the rest of the world. Intility consists of an industrialized IT infrastructure and a multi-cloud operating platform, which are responsible for everything from the users and infrastructure at each location to the security and daily operation of cloud-based applications and systems.